“Society has placed a taboo surrounding periods and menstrual health as if we should be ashamed of this natural and miraculous process that ultimately kept the human species alive”

– Tracy Lockwood

Yoga can be an extremely nourishing and therapeutic tool if you are struggling with the monthly ups and downs of your period.

During different phases of your cycle, you will experience different hormonal shifts that can impact your energy levels, sex drive, appetite, your general mood and so much more.

If you feel like you’re flying high some days, and crashing and burning others – you’re not alone – many of us can find the hormonal fluctuations a challenge. Especially when we don’t understand our cycles.

This is where menstrual yoga therapy comes in

A therapeutic approach to yoga for the menstrual cycle tailors specific movement, breathwork and meditation to where you are in your monthly cycle.

By using a variety of tools during the different phases you can optimise your daily routines and activity so that you align with the cyclical wisdom of your body rather than pushing against it, which is so often what triggers the issues in the first place.

What to expect in a yoga therapy session for menstrual cycle health?

It all starts with you, understanding your unique cycle and symptoms and discussing the biggest challenges you face and would like to overcome.

We then work together to draw up a practical and easy to follow individualised plan that nourishes and honours each phase of your cycle.

A big part of the time we spend together is helping you to understand your cycle, connecting to your feminine wisdom and intuition and the opportunity to experience and practice the yoga tools that will become a beautiful and nourishing part of your weekly self-care rituals.

The first session is 90 mins, follow up sessions are 60 or 75 mins.

A typical menstrual yoga session involves

  • Sharing insights, tips and tools to encourage a healthy cycle 
  • Grounding and centering
  • Gentle movement and body based explorations
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation


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 “I was put in touch with Alex by my sister to help with my PMDD symptoms and intense period pain. 

From the first Zoom call we had, I was excited to work with Alex, because she was very attentive when I described my symptoms and she made me feel as though I was talking to a close friend, but at the same time she was professional and gave me a sense that she knew what she was talking about. This was an immense encouragement for me after speaking to doctors and leaving the conversation feeling no sense of such. 

Once I started the yoga exercises that Alex sent me and also adding the seeds to my diet I started to feel a sense of hope that I could get some relief from my symptoms. With time, I not only found the exercises helped me with my pain and my mental health, but I even started to look forward to doing them each day. 

Alex checked in on me every so often and made sure that I knew that I could reach out to her whenever I felt I needed to. 

If you are looking for a very bright, happy woman with an abundance of empathy and understanding who will also help you mentally and physically you will be very grateful that you have found Alex”

– Lisa, NSW

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me